Nike Blazer galloped on the field for nearly a decade, and was discontinued in the early 1980s. As we all know, the later basketball court is Air's world. However, in recent years, the Sneakr culture has gradually taken shape, and the Blazer 30 years ago has reappeared in the sports shoes market in a big manner. The "big silly hook" on the shoes has become the "dinghai god hook" that guarantees its popularity. Nike blazer sneakers are actually easier to distinguish in appearance, because the Nike logo on the shoe will be designed with a larger Nike hook. The Nike logo on the blazer sneaker generally extends to the heel of the shoe, so it looks from the side. It is malleable and has become a symbol of Nike blazer shoes.
With heavy joint blessings such as 2019 Jordan, Nike's historic retro basketball shoe Blazer has gradually recovered in popularity in recent years. Recently, as a tribute to Chicago legendary coach Dorothy Gaters, Nike has created a brand new Nike Blazer Mid. This color matching is made of burgundy frosted leather and turmeric flocking material, echoing the color of the Marshall High School jersey coached by legendary coach Dorothy Gaters. The attached metal shoelace buckle is low-key and luxurious, highlighting the charm of the basketball theme.
The whole pair of Cheap Jordans UK looks very calm and has a strong retro atmosphere. The biggest highlight is that the sideways Swoosh logo is decorated with snake pattern, and the heel is also covered with snake pattern, which forms a strong contrast with the bottom color of the shoe body, showing the luxurious and fashionable temperament. Inspired by the landscape of the Northwest Coast of the United States, this unique change also has a small ACG atmosphere. Indeed, the design uses a dark brown leather upper with purple leather and turquoise corduroy covering. Then, we noticed a pink nylon tongue, mini milky white Nike wind on the quarter panel, and hiking shoe laces. The overall feeling of the combination of white midsole and adhesive.