Corpreal Beast on the other hand was designed deliberatly to not utilize the gravestone mechanic, I expect Jagex looked at it hung there heads in shame at the care keep bosses with very little risk, so created one to OSRS gold dismiss gravestones. So you have 2 minutes to get back to your stuff, there is no reason that can not stay before it will become public loot is there?

Finally Nex, I have to fight her, so forgive me if I'm incorrect. But the simple fact that most men and women believe Jagex to have been working on this update for quite some time, you would be fair to assert that Nex would have been supposed to incorporate these mechanics. While a bless may enable you to get back to your tomb here, it is m belief this would of been included in Nex's layout. Concerning the rest of the bosses, they were developed to be used without gravestones, with actual risk. A grave without bless enables you to recover things from Bandos, KBD, Chaos Ele, Mole and apparently Zammy.

A tomb with bless opens DKs, Arma and Sara. Furthermore, graves decrease the risk of RS with a massive amount. Yes we understand that somebody will not bless your grave so they could get there mitts in your own fury, that is sort of the point. It is not them being a penis, it's how the RS death penalty works, which has been obscured by graves. The bless was always meant to replace a friend picking up things and giving them back to you, not an overall"nerf death" button it's become, simply something for a buddy to give you a hand if you expired.

So heres the alternative, you have 3 options. Only risk what you can afford to lose, hopefully we will see a reducation in the quantity of maxed out equipment players at bosses simply because there's presently a slight chance they can lose it. Boss with friends - this is what people did before graves when they wanted less risk. Boss as you are doing now, but realize that when the bless goes, you just have yourself to blame as I for one will be helping myself to cheap RuneScape gold random strangers fat loot piles. I hope that I have cleared this up absurd arguement.